Medial approach Lateral approach
Nerve Infrapatellar branch of saphenous nerve;
Medial crural cutaneous branch of saphenous nerve;
Saphenous nerve
Lateral sural cutaneous nerve;
Recurrent deep peroneal nerve;
Common fibular nerve;
Superficial fibular nerve;
Deep fibular nerve
Artery Saphenous branch of descending genicular artery;
Medial inferior genicular artery
Anterior tibial artery;
Anterior tibial recurrent artery
Vein Great saphenous vein;
Great saphenous vein: branches from Infrapateller region
Anterior tibial vein branches;
Anterior tibial vein
Compartment Pes anserinus complex Tibialis anterior muscle;
Extensor digitorum longus muscle;
Extensor hallucis longus muscle