Because of pain in my face, jaws or mouths Correlation between each question
and whole resulta
Cronbach α with question
I cannot open my mouth as wide as I could 0.482 0.917
I cannot touch my face 0.293 0.92
I have difficulty falling asleep 0.659 0.913
I wake up at night in pain 0.746 0.911
I cannot find a comfortable position in which to sleep 0.568 0.915
I cannot eat hard foods like apples or toast 0.526 0.916
I take longer to finish my meals 0.578 0.915
I no longer enjoy my food 0.68 0.913
I find it sore to kiss 0.639 0.913
I find it difficulty to smile or laugh 0.551 0.915
People find me difficult to live with 0.535 0.915
I have had to take time off work 0.446 0.917
I have found it difficult to concentrate 0.559 0.915
I have problems performing normal household tasks 0.577 0.914
I would rather be by myself 0.739 0.911
I find it difficult to talk for long periods of time 0.635 0.914
I have cancelled social activities and holidays 0.615 0.914
I am unable to eat out in restaurants 0.631 0.913
I feel weary/tired 0.654 0.913
I cannot stop crying 0.563 0.915
I am worried that I may have a serious illness 0.374 0.919
I feel embarrassed and self conscious 0.727 0.912
I feel depressed 0.787 0.91
I feel I no longer take any pleasure in life 0.744 0.914

aPearson correlation, question-whole result.