Study Year of
Hard tissue parameters Soft tissue parameters Methods of assessment
Smith and Tarnow [19] 2013 Immediately placed dental implant's coverage by septal bone N/R N/R
Caplanis et al. [28] 2005 Affected socket walls, amount of bone loss, distance between alveolar crest and dentinoenamel junction Periodontal biotype Surgical template
Elian et al. [29] 2007 Buccal bone level Facial soft tissue level N/R
Juodzbalys et al. [30] 2008 Alveolar process height, bone beyond the apex, labial bone vertical position, buccal bone thickness, presence of lesion, intradental bone peak height, mesiodistal distance, palatal angulation necessity Soft tissue contour, soft tissue vertical deficiency, keratinized gingiva width, papillae appearance, soft tissue colour, consistency, gingival biotype Radiographic, visual valuation and socket sounding using periodontal probe
Chu et al. [31] 2015 Buccal bone plate level Buccal soft tissue deficiency N/R
El Chaar et al. [32] 2016 Buccal plate loss, periapical bone topography, interproximal bone level Soft tissue biotype N/R

N/R = data not reported.