Case Sex Age Antiresorptive agent Indication for treatment Treatment duration (years) Lesion site Stage AAOM Triggering factor Treatment for MRONJ Follow-up outcome
1 F 77 Ibandronic acid (alendronate) Osteoporosis (5) + 1 Mandible 2 Implant removal due to perimplantitis Surgical debridement Good wound healing, paraesthesia remained
2 F 66 Denosumab Bone metastases (breast cancer) 1 Mandible 2 Dental extraction Surgical debridement
Good wound healing, remained discomfort (NRS = 3)
3 F 80 Ibandronic acid Osteoporosis 8 Mandible 2 Dental extraction Surgical debridement
+ Er:YAG laser
Good wound healing, no more paraesthesia

AAOM = American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons; MRONJ = medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw; F = female; PRF = platelet-rich fibrin; NRS = numeric rating scale.