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Keywords: friction; ceramics; orthodontic brackets; corrective orthodontics; orthodontic wires.

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Keywords: dental occlusion; malocclusion; corrective orthodontics; occlusal splints; maxillofacial orthognathic surgery; orthognathic surgical procedures.

Application of Pont's Index to Lithuanian Individuals: a Pilot Study
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Keywords: dental arch; mandible; maxilla; orthodontics.

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Keywords: casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate nanocomplex; dental white spot; fluoride; orthodontic brackets; orthodontics.

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Thomas Starch-Jensen, Tue Lindberg Blæhr
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Keywords: orthodontics; orthognathic surgery; palatal expansion technique; review.

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Keywords: bone lengthening; mandible; orthodontics; orthognathic surgery; review.

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Gryte Zabielskaite, Mariam Varoneckaite, Dalia Smailiene
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Keywords: canine teeth; surgical procedure; pain perception; orthodontics.