A Simplified Technique for Orientation of a Bone Anchored Auricular Prostheses: a Clinical Report
Hussein G. El Charkawi, Ahmed G. El Sharkawy
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Keywords: acquired ear deformities; external ear; ear cartilage; prostheses and implants; osseointegration; quality of life.

Laminin Coating Promotes Calcium Phosphate Precipitation on Titanium Discs in vitro
Kostas Bougas, Victoria Franke Stenport, Pentti Tengvall, Fredrik Currie
J Oral Maxillofac Res 2011 (Oct-Dec);2(4):e5

Keywords: laminin; titanium; biomaterials; calcium phosphates; dental implants; osseointegration.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein Coating on Titanium Implant Surface: a Systematic Review
Haim Haimov, Natali Yosupov, Ginnady Pinchasov, Gintaras Juodzbalys
J Oral Maxillofac Res 2017;8(2):e1

Keywords: bone morphogenetic protein; dental prosthesis implantation; osseointegration; surface-coated materials; surface properties..

Accuracy of Guided Surgery via Stereolithographic Mucosa-Supported Surgical Guide in Implant Surgery for Edentulous Patient: a Systematic Review
Cheongbeom Seo, Gintaras Juodzbalys
J Oral Maxillofac Res 2018;9(1):e1

Keywords: computer-assisted surgery; dental implant; dimensional measurement accuracy; edentulous jaw; osseointegration; review.