Can Alcohol Intake from Mouthwash be Measured in Epidemiological Studies? Development and Validation of Mouthwash Use Questionnaire with Particular Attention to Measuring Alcohol Intake from Mouthwash
Tanja Wirth, Michal M. Kawecki, Janice Reeve, Claudia Cunningham, Iain Bovaird, Tatiana V. Macfarlane
J Oral Maxillofac Res 2012 (Jul-Sep);3(3):e1

Keywords: mouthwashes; oral health; oral cancer; alcohols; epidemiology; questionnaires.

Mouthwash Use in General Population: Results from Adult Dental Health Survey in Grampian, Scotland
Tatiana V. Macfarlane, Michal M. Kawecki, Claudia Cunningham, Iain Bovaird, Rochelle Morgan, Kirstin Rhodes, Ray Watkins
J Oral Maxillofac Res 2010 (Oct-Dec);1(4):e2

Keywords: mouthwashes; oral hygiene; dental plaque; epidemiology; dental health survey; population groups.