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Keywords: implant-supported denture; dental implant; oral health; quality of life; outcome studies; mandible.

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Keywords: orofacial pain; oral health; quality of life; visual analogue pain scale.

Can Alcohol Intake from Mouthwash be Measured in Epidemiological Studies? Development and Validation of Mouthwash Use Questionnaire with Particular Attention to Measuring Alcohol Intake from Mouthwash
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Keywords: mouthwashes; oral health; oral cancer; alcohols; epidemiology; questionnaires.

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Keywords: dentofacial deformities; quality of life; oral health; questionnaires.

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Keywords: disabled persons; DMF index; intellectual disability; Lebanon; oral health; teeth.

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Keywords: arthritis; oral health; oral hygiene; periodontal diseases..

Oral Health Awareness among International Dental and Medical Students at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences: a Cross-Sectional Study
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Keywords: attitude; awareness; dental students; medical students; oral health.