Component Description
Population (P) Subjects undergoing a tooth extraction
Intervention (I) ARP using bone substitutes identified in the studies (i.e. an osseous allograft, xenograft and/or alloplast) with or without employing a barrier membrane.
Comparison (C) Different bone substitutes
Outcome (O) Dimensional stability of the alveolar ridge based on:
Primary: horizontal (bucco-lingual) and vertical (apico-coronal at mid-buccal and mid-lingual) socket dimensions immediately after tooth extraction (baseline) and ≥ 3 months after (follow-up).
Secondary: vertical bone level changes (at mesial and distal of the socket) and horizontal bone level changes (at several subcrestal reference points).
Study design (S) Randomized controlled trial
Focus question What is the effect of different bone substitutes in ARP procedures performed in adult human subjects, when compared to unassisted and spontaneous
healing of an extraction socket alone, on the prevention of alveolar ridge resorption performed in adult human subjects and reported in randomized controlled trials (RCTs)?